Multiplication using vedic mathematics

We will illustrate this by doing 32 × 31. Lines are used to represent the numbers. 32 is represented by 3 red lines for the tens and 2 red lines for the units. Similarly, 31 has 3 lines for its tens and 1 line for units, this time the lines are blue.

Wherever the lines cross a dot is drawn and then the diagram is split into three parts as shown by the dashed lines. The number of dots in each section is counted, starting from the right.
In the right section we have 2 dots. The middle section has 6 + 3 = 9 dots. In the left section there are 9 dots.
Putting it all together we get: 32 × 31 = 992 − all done just using simple addition!

Multiplication Trick - multiplication using vedic mathematics

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